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Get Your Recommendation Online

Online Cannabis Recommendation

On-demand Medical Cannabis Doctor Evaluation

Finally; LeafShyp has partnered with Heally to offer patients their online cannabis recommendation. In other words, we chose Heally to bring you the very best online medical cannabis doctor evaluation.

With out ever leaving the comfort of your own you can easily enjoy the benefits of medical cannabis.

It is important to note; LEAFSHYP will always be committed to providing access to patients who need this medicine.  Secondly, we will strive to find partners who will allow us to grow with them and provide a need to our patients.

With this in mind; see below for just some of Heally’s most overlooked benefits:

  • An online private visit with a CA board certified doctor
  • No appointment, doctors are ready
  • Have your ID card mailed same day
  • Receive recommendation instantly for download or print
  • Privacy protection
  • Simple to use





online cannabis recommendation


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