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All New Premium & Top Shelf Flower

**Weekly Promo Update**

Welcome to the new weekly deal update!

This week we have all New Premium & Top Shelf Flower back in stock!

Waxes, Concentrates , Prerolls & Kief are in stock as well!!

We have prepackaged Entheo Brand 8ths across the board from $25 Choice shelf, $35 Select shelf, $40 Top shelf & $45 Premium shelf!!

Choice Shelf Strains include Strawberry, Tangerine Power & Orange-Lemon Kush.

Select Shelf includes SFV OG & GG4.

Top Shelf is GoodLife Brand which includes Boss OG & Chocolate Hashberry.

Premium Shelf includes Candyland & Clementine

Don’t forget our Entheo Brand Shatter and Guild Extracts Nug Run & Live Resin!

No coupon code required.

Order online at or give us a call/text at (626)838-2420

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