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Goodlife Flower and Edibles !!

**Weekly Promo Update**

Welcome to the new weekly deal update!

What a good time to get some Goodlife Flower!

Flavors of choice are Assassin’s OG, Paris OG, Strawberry Banana, Lucy’s OG, Purple Punch, Chocolate Hashberry and Banana OG

We have Chocolate Hashberry and Lucy’s OG going for $35 for the eighth!

All other Goodlife flavors are $40 for the eighth!

All eighths are prepackaged at 3.5g

All sorts of different Entheo Brand edibles to fit your needs starting from $2-$50!!

Concentrates, Prerolls, Cyclone hemp cones and much more.

No coupon code required.

Order online at or give us a call/text at (626)838-2420

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