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Like so many of us…Have you always dreamed about owning a cannabis business?

First of all, In 1996 California took a major step toward legalizing cannabis. It had become the first state in
the union to have cannabis laws on the books that did not criminalize the plant, but instead
protected users. Since then, the legal protections gained through the state by operating in
rule with the attorney general’s guidelines has vastly expanded.

Currently the California Cannabis market is in a transitional stage.
In other words LEAFSHYP operates as a Non-Profit Mutual Benefit Corporation. Hence come 2018 California is switching from a Non-
Profit medical cannabis system to a For Profit Medical and Adult Use system. As a result with
this change comes new obstacles for current businesses such as local licensing, state licensing, commercial zoning,

While here at LEAFSHYP we have expertise in all areas of the Cannabis industry. Much as Cultivation, Manufacturing, Various Extraction and
Infusion Techniques. All in which include Distribution, Retail and Delivery. Most of all, these skills along with our vast understanding of the technical aspects, needs currently within the industry and moving forward put LEAFSHYP in a unique and valuable position to take full advantage of the opportunities come 2018.

Due to Los Angeles being positioned to become the largest Commercial Cannabis marketplace on the planet.
While In order to ease our transition into the regulated market place, LEAFSHYP is looking for capital investments.
So If this sounds like something you or someone you know might be interested in please complete our contact form. As a result, we will have our management team contact you with further details to answer any questions you might have and provide
supporting business documentation.

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