October 2017


To begin with; over 10 years ago – LEAFSHYP began as a conceptual educational organization rooted in the philosophy of creating its own culture. LEAFSHYP focused its efforts on actively engaging members of the South Florida community on the benefits of cannabis; both medically and socially. This was prior to any type of cannabis system in the state of Florida, CBD or otherwise. Eventually; in an effort to convert from an educational to a hands-on organization LEAFSHYP transitioned to the California market.

Initially cultivation, extraction, and infusion were the main focuses of our efforts within California. meanwhile  as we gathered patients and experience we quickly became aware of the true need for honest operators to step out of the shadows and put an honest face to the Commercial Cannabis Industry. Uniquely; Out of this need came LEAFSHYP!

“Don’t Consume Culture, Create A Counterculture” -Randy Pastrana

Up to the present time; LEAFSHYP is a California Proposition 215, Senate Bill 420 & Proposition 64 compliant collective. First we are dedicated to providing approved California medical cannabis patients with high quality products through a variety of medicinal options all while facilitating premier customer service, speed and reliability. Also, through our proprietary web platform www.leafshyp.com we provide virtual medical cannabis recommendations from licensed California doctors. As a result, we take online orders for our pre-approved collective members. Finally, our website serves as the database for all the products we carry; distinguishing each by effects, appearance, and key characteristics. In other words, we envision LEAFSHYP as your one stop shop for all your Cannabis needs.

As 2018 approaches there are numerous obstacles facing those of us operating in the cannabis industry. We hope you will continue to grow with us so that we can further expand our offerings and in the long run fully transition into the regulated marketplace come 2018!

In Conclusion, thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving you in the near future!

R. P.


  • California Proposition 215, Senate Bill 420 & Proposition 64 complaint collective.
  • Offers services to the San Gabriel Valley & beyond with two strategically positioned dispatch locations.
  • Collective actively serving over 2,000 qualified medical cannabis patients.
  • Ranked 5.0 & 4.9 on Weedmaps.com, Yelp, Google, & Facebook.
  • Featured in High Times: https://hightimes.com/culture/24-hour-dispensary-near-me/



Scheduled Pre-orders available

Over 350 Independent reviews with a 5.0 – 4.9 over all rating

Partnering with Industry leaders

Lab Tested Medicine

Flexible Payment options available

Delivery withing 45 minutes

Eco-friendly Fully electronic company fleet vehicles

Protecting Patient privacy

Donating to the local community

Providing education and consultation services

Strong Founding Princinples

Committed to our patients

Given these points we hope we have made the case as to the reasons we believe LEAFSHYP should be your first choice for all your cannabis needs! Ultimately LEAFSHYP is here to stay but in order to succeed we need your help. Altogether we can make a difference. In fact cannabis talk to your doctor about cannabis today!

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Please visit leafshyp.com/faq for answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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