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Flowers, Kief, Prerolls etc Back In Stock!

**Weekly Promo Update**

Welcome to the new weekly deal update!

This week we have all of our Choice & Select flower strains back in stock, come get yours before supply runs out!

Select shelf includes: SFV OG & GG#4 both at $35 an eight!

Choice shelf includes: Bubble Gum, Purple Bubba, Strawberry, Pineapple, Orange Lemon Kush, & Tangerine Power. All for $25 an eighth!

Buy any flower get a choice shelf eighth for free!

We also have LEAFSHYP Kief for $5 a FULL gram!!

Prerolls, Cyclone Hemp Cones & much more.

No Coupon Code Required.

Order Online at or give us a call/text at (626)838-2420.


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