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Edibles Galore!!

**Weekly Promo Update**

This week we are fully loaded and stocked with our M&J and Entheo Brand Medibles!

Our Prerolls , Top Flowers and Entheo Brand wax are in stock as well!

So many different types of edibles to choose from 20mg, 50mg, 60mg, 75mg and 100mg!

20mg edible is a THC infuse oil applicator.

50mg edibles include Oreos, Glazed Donuts, Cheese Itz, different Chip Mix, Flamin Hot and Cheese Cheetos!

We have out Lemon Citrus Bread filled with 60mg of our Entheo Brand flower!

Our 75mg edibles include Cheese Itz, Popcorn and many different THCereals!

Our 100mg edibles include Chip Mix, Kettle Corn, Popcorn, and Hot Cheetos. Also we have a pack with 2 m&m cookies each containing 50mg of THC!

Don’t Forget about our Top Shelf Flowers and Prerolls that are in stock! Including our Entheo Brand Shatter!

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  1. I’ve been letting all of my friends know about this deal and they’ve all been happy about it I love buying weed from you guys

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